Preschool Program

Children at this age are in a magical place in their growth and development. Theirs is a world filled with possibility, and they have vibrant imaginations and a genuine love of learning. Our job as teachers is to create an environment that fosters and encourages their growth and learning, and to provide the scaffolding for children to feel secure and empowered to reach even further.

We encourage children to test their own theories, find solutions to the problems they encounter, and find the means to answer their own questions in a nurturing way with gentle guidance. We use a thematic curriculum with engaging content that rotates monthly. As each month comes to a close families are provided with a newsletter that highlights the activities of the past month and provides information about the upcoming theme.

Our days are organized by alternating structured activities (circle time, art, story lunch) with free-play (free choice, stage room, outdoor play). Outdoor play is an especially important component of our curriculum as it is a wonderful arena to observe how children interact and engage with peers. We have the opportunity to see what interests them as they stretch and work their growing muscles, limbs, and minds, free of the restraints of indoor classroom play.

It is truly a joy to participate in their learning journeys, just as it is an honor to learn from them. Our program is enhanced with every passing year as we observe and learn from some of life’s greatest teachers – the children.

Program Hours:

Full-day – 8:30-5:30
Half-day – 8:30-12:30
Early Morning – 7:30-8:30


Children must be 2.9 years to 4.9 years to participate in this program. We recommend that children be toilet trained, although this is not a requirement. Proof of immunization and paperwork for your child’s file must be submitted before beginning the program. Also, proof of a physical must follow within two weeks and renewed annually. Children must be enrolled a minimum of three days a week.